Monday, February 16, 2009

Tour of California through day 3

Is it the 3rd day? what day is it? were we in Modesto now or San Jose or still in Santa Cruze? How many people do we have today? wait, is it today or tomorrow?

So the trip goes like this: up at 6:00, make coffee, either make some pancakes or get the conti. breakfast at the hotel, load up the bikes on the LR3, and head to the finish expo. We have the bike stands and tent in the LR3 so we park at our sight and put up the tent. The bikes come out of the orbea van and go in the stands where they are locked up. 

Now that we have our place lined up, we look for a warm and dry coffee shop to hang out some.

Once the people start showing up we hang out and chat with some great people until the race comes to town. The LR3 looking pretty good at day one of the TOC. 
It's great when we get people that have Orbea bikes already. They stop by and tell us all about their bikes. There are some great fans out there! 

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Russell@Upper Echelon Fitness said...

Wow, that looks SHARP. Nicely done.